What do you do when life unexpectedly turns upside down? If you’re like most people you would prefer not to think about it. But reality does bite and it did me when a high-speed road accident crashed into my life in September 2006.

Everything changed and has continued to do so since. In more recent time times I have found myself out of work. So what to do? Time to reinvent myself – again. But what? What inspires me? What gets me motivated and going? What do I love doing?

  • Telling Stories
  • Bringing joy to others
  • Challenges
  • Riding Motorcycles

Easy! Now all I have to do is work out how all these fit together!
Come on an adventure with ol’ Captain Barnacles and I will tell you a story of how all this fits together. Bring your stories with you as well – I’m keen to listen and learn. As we adventure around we can yarn about life and what really matters . . . or just enjoy quiet moments inspired by the Central West beauty or just chit chat that takes us nowhere or everywhere. These things are at the heart of Captain Barnacles Tours.

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