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We're Covid Safe

Due to circumstances beyond our control Captain Barnacles Tours is temporarily unable to accommodate any tour bookings at this time.  Apologies for any inconvenience. 

Let Captain Barnacles give you an experience of NSW Central West like never before!
Tours depart from Canowindra, Cowra and Orange.

Explore the secrets of the Canowindra, Cowra and Orange regions.  Discover the hidden treasures of local wineries, incredible history and stories.  Be awed by the magnificent rural landscape and scenery as you Tour in thrilling style on-board Captain Barnacles Harley Davidson Road King Classic and Sidecar. 

Captain Barnacles offers a unique enjoyable Tour experience aboard his “RoadBoat”! Touring in a Sidecar is fun in itself – combine it with what Canowindra, Cowra & Orange have to offer and you’ll never forget it!  These specially designed Tours for up to 2 people will give you memories that will last a life time!

The thing I enjoyed the most was the feeling of freedom. Highly recommend.

Nola from NSW - Pokin' Around Town Canowindra Tour

The thing I enjoyed the most was Russell’s company closely followed by the great experience

Ken from Sydney - Bush Ranger Ambush Cowra - Eugowra - Canowindra Tour

“The thing I enjoyed the most was the experience & knowledge shared during the trip – OUR DRIVER!!! Thank you for doing so much for us – So grateful.” Morgan

“The Captain went above and beyond expectation to make such a magnificent day for my partner & I.  Thanks for making this a special day.” Josh

Josh & Morgan from Terrigal NSW - Wine Tasting Tour - Canowindra Tour

What a fun experience! I felt relaxed and safe in the sidecar. Seeing the countryside from a different perspective was awesome. I highly recommend it!

Helen from Tassy - Cargo Goldrush To Cargo the long way Tour

Old fashioned hospitality, personalised treatment & cool bike made this a most enjoyable day. 

Ngarie from Sydney - Wine Tasting Tour From Orange to Canowindra

If you’re ever in the Canowindra area I definitely recommend you give this a go. Not only is this an absolute adrenaline rush but you also get the greatest sense of freedom.

Lewis from Newcastle - Cargo Goldrush Canowindra to Cargo

Ok so I’m bias – Russ (aka Captain Barnacles) is my son – and yes I got a freebie.  This was a great experience.  A ride to Cargo for a cup of tea was perfect.  At 87 yrs old this is for all those young at heart.

Bill from Sydney - Cargo Goldrush Canowindra to Cargo

“The best adventure I have had in my life!” “Perfect Day, perfect driver, perfect bike!”

Nicole & Vicky from Cowra NSW - Wine Tasting Tour Cowra to Canowindra Tour via the best wineries!


Take a look at Captain Barnacles Tour Packages.

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Captain Barnacles Gooloogong Express 1.5 Hour Tour

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From: $220

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Why not create your own 1⁄2, 1, 2 or 3 Day Road Trip! You choose where we go and what to see. There are too many options to list – Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo; Parkes Telescope; Central West Wineries; McFeeters Motor Museum, Forbes; Ben Hall’s Cave; Wellington Caves; Hot Air Balloon Ride etc etc or just ride . . . Choose your accommodation – 5 Star luxury or No Star roughin it or anything in between. Captain Barnacles will help you choose and make the bookings for you! Costs will vary depending on number of days, accommodation and sightseeing venues and other requirements.

Costs Vary

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Contact Russell on 0412573788 or russell@captainbarnacles.com.au

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